Welcome to Black Bullets International

 Due to overwhelming demand I can no longer guarantee that we will ship your order within 48 business hours. We are shipping as fast as we can make them. Orders will now typically go out within 5 business days (mostly sooner). Please refrain from calls and emails and allow us to get product manufactured to support this extremely high level of demand. Please also remember the tracking information is sent to the email address you utilized when you placed the order.         THE TRACKING COMES DIRECTLY FROM THE USPS AND NOT BBI!!!!!



USPS Delays

The USPS is currently encountering massive delays due to this situation with the Covid-19 virus. Some packages are being delivered in the normal 2-3 days and some have taken 3-4 weeks and up to 6 weeks on a few occassion. We have absolutely no control over when the packages get delivered once it leaves our facility. Please monitor you tracking number and advise us how you want to handle the situation once it has reached 14 days late. Your options are as follows:

1. Wait on the package to arrive

2. I can send another shipment of product. However when both shipments show up you will be charged for the replacement or you can return one of the packages back to us.

Currently these are the only option available. While we are working with the USPS to resolve the issues we have no timing on when this will be corrected. Sending us multiple emails and calls will not assist in resolving the situation. We are working as hard as we can to make product and keep our customers supplied and keeping us in a "ship order next day" state. 


We do apologize for the USPS delay but have no control over when it will be corrected. This is happening across the board with all shipping companies.